Marilyn is proud to have the support and endorsement of:

Honorable Joyce Beatty – Honorable Kristen Boggs – Honorable Kevin Boyce
Honorable Cheryl Brooks Sullivan – Honorable Liz Brown – Honorable Mitchell Brown
Honorable Hearcel Craig – Honorable Andrew Ginther – Honorable Shannon Hardin
Honorable Bernadine Kennedy Kent – Honorable Megan Kilgore – Honorable Dr. Anahi Ortiz
Honorable Zachary Klein – Honorable David Leland – Honorable Daniel O’Connor
Honorable John O’Grady – 
Honorable Maryellen O’Shaughnessy – Honorable Jaiza Page
Honorable Michael Stinziano – Honorable Charleta B. Tavares – 
Honorable Lori Tyack
Honorable Priscilla Tyson – Honorable Dallas Baldwin

Endorsements listed in chronological order of notification, most recent at the top.
Marilyn is proud of each and every one of these statements of confidence!